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Do you think that your accommodation perfectly matches the profile of the accommodations you can find on this website?


Do you think a presentation of your accommodation on this website will attract the guests you target?


We invite you to demand the registration form by email


Please mention your website so we can do some research on your ecological efforts.


To see if an accommodation can get a presentation on our website, we use a combination of the following criteria:


1.   You have an active contribution to the conservation of nature
2.   You have an active contribution to the preservation of cultural, architectural or regional heritage
3.   You have an active contribution to the local economy and serve biological food, if applicable
4.   You have an active contribution to organic farming or you do your gardening environmentally friendly
5.   You make an efficient and responsible use of natural resources such as water and energy
6.   You make an effort for sustainable constructions and small-scale accommodations and other amenities
7.   You use environmentally friendly cleaning products and you maintain your property in a respectful way

       towards nature
8.   You sort, recycle and limit waste
9.   You stimulate the promotion of greener forms of transport and activities
10. You offer environmental information of your accommodation to your guests

Probably you do not meet all 10 criteria which is not necessary to get a mention.

It is possible that we are obliged to submit your request first to a sister-organization of your country.

For your presentation on we ask € 85,00 (approximate ₤70,00) per calendar year (2017).


If you want to terminate your listing, it is enough to send a message at the end of a current calendar year (by e-mail, by telephone or possibly in writing). Incidentally, we assume a continuous listing.